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Curious George Free Printable Invitations.

Curious George Free Printable Invitations

You can use them as well for making cards, photo frames, signs, backgrounds and whatever you want. 

If you will use them as labels attached to objects, better if you print them on labels self adhesive paper.

If you want to print them in a poster size, you can use "posteriza" (free download). 

Remember to do a right click before saving, for having the image in its best quality.

This is an envelop. Cut the top corners
and fold the sides inward.

Invitation for the envelope you have above.
Invitation for the envelope you have above.

Baby Dress invitation.
Baby Dress invitation.

Dress invitation.
Dress invitation.

Cup invitation.
Cup invitation.

Tulip invitation.
Tulip invitation. Will look like this:

Rosetta's Easter Tulips

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