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DIY Frozen: 34 Snowflakes Templates.

DIY Frozen: 34 Snowflakes Templates.

A very beautiful way to decorate for Christmas! And a very cheap one, also.

This would be awesome idea for your Frozen Parties too!

Just download the templates  and fold the paper as it is shown in the photo tutorial .

You can use it hanging or in the windows and walls of the house. It could be a good idea to make them in adhesive paper like the ones for labels. 

Here the photo tutorial done by Martha Stweart:

Step 1.Step 2.

Step 3.Step 4.

Step 5.Step 6.

Here you have a great lot of templates to use that are just deligthful:


Check out this nice Amazon Recomendations for your Frozen Party!

Templates 2.

Templates 3.

Templates 4.

Templates 5.

Templates 6

Templates 7.
Templates 8.

Frozen Party.


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