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DIY Table with Magic Lights. Decoration.

Table with Magic Ligths. Decoration.
From idi
You´ll love this Table with Magic Lights!

Do you have Christmas lights of only one color? Well, you already have a great Decoration for your Table! Just place the ligthts carefully beneath the tablecloth. It´s better if you do it with tape. I think this is perfect to put beverages and food on top. However, it´s no a table to sit your guests at, because accidents may happen due to the lights. 

I love that lights are beneath the tablecloth , because it gives this decoration a magical touch.
Be careful that the tablecloth is made of fabric instead of plastic or paper. Fabric should be semi-transparent, but wires should not be seen through it.

I´ll use this idea for Quinceaneras, Weddings, Baby Showers, Adult Birthdays (in special for 50th or 60th birthdays) or for Princess, Fairy, or Magic Parties.


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