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DIY Table for Pirate Themed Parties.

Table for Pirate Themed Parties.

This is a nice settled Table for a Pirate themed party!

I would like to outline the following Details:

- Pirate Flag: It is definitely the Magic Touch on the table. If you want to make it easily, you can use poster board. 

- Net Tablecloths: They are simple, but they create a special effect. Just use a thread net and cut to size some rectangles. You can crochet them too.  

Table for Pirate Themed Parties.
- Black Tablecloth, Black Napkins with White Polka Dots, Red Plates:  Instead of polka dots, the napkins would have had lines too. The red plates bring to life the table.  

- Pirate Patch Napkin Holders: They are a beuatiful detail, but they are not necessary. 

- Coins, hooks, and other `pirate tools´:  Take them apart to have a perfect setting. 
Table for Pirate Themed Parties.
- Treasure Chest: A really good idea! Since it is just to decorate, you can add a proper candelabra you might have at home. Add some chewing gum or chocolate coins too, plastic pearl necklaces, or anything unbreakable you have at home have you can use to create a nice Treasure chest. Take some coins apart all over the table.

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