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DIY Decoration Ideas for an Art or Painter Themed Party.

Candy Table or Candy Bar.
Candy Table or Candy Bar pretending to have spilled paint on top. Photo from cmp

I love how this Candy Table or Candy Bar looks! 

It´s wonderful and really easy to make. It is ideal for Art and Painter Themed Parties. Let´s look at the details:

- Decoration Using Spilled Paint: It gives a wonderful touch to the table. Firts, make a wooden or cardboard base like the one showed in the picture: 

Wooden Base.

A lamp base might work if it is tall enough. Get some paint jars and coloured plastic sheets. It might be a good idea to use plastic tablecloths for parties. Stick the plastic to the jar´s base. Then stick the wooden or cardboard base to the jar too. Create some positions with the jars to pretend that someone is spilling over the paint, and `spill´ the plastic over the tablecloth. It has to cover the base  structure completely.    

- Painter´s Pallet on the Wall: It is easy to make using cardboard. Here you have some templates that might be useful to decorate your parties: 

If you want to have it in a poster size, download "posteriza" programme for free. 

Recuerda hacer click en la imagen antes de guardarla para que se guarde con su mejor calidad.
Painter´s Pallet Template.
From qtk

- Coloured Candies inside of Glass Boxes: Use colourful and sparkling candies.  

- Dessert Table: Keep the same style as in the Candy Table or Candy Bar. The Dessert Table adds a really interesting element: the Cupcake Base or Stand. It is a Painter´s Pallet and the different coloured cupcakes  are the paints.

Dessert Table.
Dessert Table for an Art Thmed Party. Photo from cmp
You´ll find above some painter´s pallet Moulds to make the Cupcake Base or Stand. 

Cupcake Stand.
Cupcake presentation. Photo from cmp

 This Party  is ideal for a Kids and an Adult´s Party. 


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