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DIY Witch Shoes Treats.

DIY Witch Shoes Treats.

This Witch Shoes Treats are just great! It´s a very good souvenir for you Halloween Party because it´s very beautiful, original and easy to do. You could also use it as a party activity so the children can do their own  witch boot. It´s great for a  Halloween Party or a Harry Potter Party.

First start choosing wich witch boot template you want to use. Choose a box where the template could fit. The cereal, juice or milk boxes could be an option but remember to cut the top of it. Glue the template to the box.  

For the final touches, choose a pretty cardboard or a white one so you could paint it as you like. Decorate the boot with rhinestones, for example. In the picture you can see that they use black ribbon as well. It looks like it´s made with crepe paper.

Here you have the photo tutorial


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