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French Chic Party Ideas.

French Chic Party Ideas.

Very useful French Chic Party Ideas. In this case  Ballet and París ideas are mixed. It´s Super Easy to Do! Pay attention to all Details: 

French Chic Party Ideas.

- Candies in Elegant and Beautiful Glass Containers: It gives a very  retro, chic, sensual, and parisian  touch.  Ribbons are really important for the labels. In this party the select colours are pink, white and black. As you can see, candies are white and pink, and the ribbon is black. 

Have a look to the very pretty detail of the black lace ribbon at the table. The white rose looks perfect in contrast. It could be a real one or it can be made of plastic, fabric, etc. Be sure it´s well made, so it might still be elegant. 

Here you can find nice Paris materials for free. (Labels, Cards, Toppers and more), you can use for this party. Here you have some Ballet materials. 

Eiffel Tower Cupcakes: Better if you make them with chocolate!  :)

- Heart Little Cakes: In pink and white.   

I would add some rose cupcakes and Eiffel Tower cookies, or Cupcakes with a Tutu. :)

Dessert table.
- A Metal Mannequin with Tutu in the Center of the Table: It has be made of metal for an elegant touch, and it has to match with the colours of the party. A nice roses bouquet on the base will be very Chic. A ribbon on the waist will add more Glamour.  

- A Table with Tutu: In pink to match with the theme. Click here to see how to do tutus in an easy way. 

- Black and Pink Tutus Diadems  for the hosts of the party. I would have tutus for the guests of the party too. I understand that hosts or birthday girls want to use something special, but I think it looks better if every girl is disguised. You might also ask your guests to be dressed at home.

French Chic Party Ideas.

French Chic Party Ideas.

Perfect decoration for Ballet , Angelina Ballerina, ParisBaby Shower, and Sweet Sixteen Parties, among others.

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