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Box with Soaps Give Away by Oh My Fiesta! and Chaladura de Jabones.

Box of Soaps Give Away by Oh My Fiesta! and Chaladura de Jabones.
Is there something more relaxing than a long hot shower? And how about if it´s with a soap that you use not only smells great but also it´s good for your skin? If to that we add some candles and a good cream...Isn´t it a lovely situation? Oh My Fiesta! and Chaladura de Jabones want you to take care, love, and give yourself this little moments. For that, this Christmas we want to give you a box whit all that you need and more. 

As you can see in the picture, the box is lovely. In Oh My Fiesta! we declare fans of Chaladura de Jabones. First of all, because the result of their products are amazing. They just use natural products. Then is the fact that their soaps smell wonderfully. For last but not least...just look of how great their products seem

If you want to participate, go to Oh My Fiesta or Chaladura de Jabones facebook. Comment on it what thing you like the most of Oh My Fiesta! or wich product is you favorite of Chaladura de Jabones. You have 2 opportunities to participate because you can do it in both facebooks.

The give away of the box will be international. so it doesn´t matter of wich country are you...participate! Be carefull because it doesn´t count if you comment on the facebook´s wall. You have to do it in one of the following links: 
 If not, your participation will not count.

You have until the 23th to participate.

Have luck and Merry Christmas! :) 


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